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All Saints Anglican Church, Regina, SK

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Diocese of Qu'Appelle

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"God calls us to be a caring community of faith which joyfully carries Christ's love into the world"

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142 Massey Road,     Regina, SK, S4S 4M9

Immediately south of Campbell Collegiate

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Regular Service Times: September through May

Sunday 9:00 a.m. Eucharist, Traditional Language

Sunday 10:30 a.m. Eucharist, Contemporary Language and Church School


During our two Sunday morning services we use traditional language at 9 o’clock and at 10:30 more contemporary forms. Our music reflects a variety of styles and instruments – from harp to trumpets, guitars and keyboard, along with our newly rebuilt organ, led by a talented choir. Dedicated teachers staff our Sunday Church School and there is a special program for teens. We also have a growing number of young adults, including students, attracted by our welcoming atmosphere and inclusive attitudes.

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            Rev. Cheryl's Message for December 17, 2017

Welcome! The dark days of December have an effect on the creatures of the earth, including humans. The longer nights and shorter days take many of us into ‘hibernation mode’. We want to eat more, sleep more, do less…in a month that demands we go out more and get more done! It’s a paradox that many of us experience and that increases the stress with which we live. Some of us feel the lack of light so much that it affects our mood—seasonally affected disorder—and we experience depression. We need the sun’s light and long for the days to lengthen. From mid-December spring seems a long, long time away. The winter solstice is a needed hint of what it to come.

That’s why the imagery of light in the midst of darkness is so powerful. It holds the hope of what it to come. Our Jewish brothers and sisters are now celebrating Hanukah—a festival of lights—that reminds them of God’s unfailing provision in times of oppression. We light the candles of the Advent wreath to mark the coming of the light of Christ—a light that shines in the darkness of this world and that cannot be overcome. Christ’s light in our lives provides hope on dark days, peace in troubled times, joy in the midst of sorrow and love when we have failed. Who doesn’t need that?

Rev. Cheryl's Message for December 24, 2017

Welcome! Here we are on the eve of Christmas…anticipating the celebration of our Lord’s birth. We will hear the laughter of children, the singing of carols and the joyous sounds of people greeting one another. We will see the vibrant colour of Christmas finery, the rich reds of poinsettias, the flickering light of the Christ Candle and the timeless image of the crèche. We will taste the bread and wine of our Christmas Communion and draw into ourselves the presence of our Lord. All that will happen tonight!

But this morning, we will take time to hear the promise in the readings of the fourth Sunday of Advent. We will light the fourth candle of the Advent Wreath that marks the time we have been preparing for Christ’s advent among us. And we will take time to pray. We will pray for those who work this day and keep watch this night so that we may celebrate in peace—for first responders, nurses and doctors; for police officers and firefighters; for emergency personnel. We will pray for those working the last hours of retail and food services—providing for those who need one last gift or a good meal. We will pray that all might find in these days the gifts of the Christ Child—hope, peace, joy and love! A blessed Christmas to you all!

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All Saints is wheelchair accessible

Hearing assistance is available

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