Mission and Outreach


NAME OF GROUP OR MINISTRY: Mission and Outreach

PURPOSE OF THE GROUP: (what we do) We highlight opportunities for outreach, and affirm the activities that individuals and groups are involved in, through All Saints and in the wider community.

We work closely with All Saints PWRDF rep, and with the Diocesan rep for refugee sponsorship.

WHEN THE GROUP MEETS: The 4th Wednesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the hall.

HOW TO CONTACT: Please contact the church office at 586-4420


SOME OF OUR ACTIVITIES: Serve at St. Paul’s Breakfast Club; Fundraise and raise awareness for Habitat, the Best Buddies Blues Band, and refugee sponsorship; encourage recycling and environmental awareness, in cooperation with the Youth Group; sponsored collection of Christmas stockings for Soul’s Harbour; encouraged fundraising for PWRDF following the Haiti earthquake.