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Diocese of Qu'Appelle

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Financially Supporting your Church

Members of All Saints and others wishing to financially support the work of the Church have many options.

Donations can be made in many forms, including weekly or monthly envelopes offered during worship, automatic withdrawals from your bank or credit union account (Pre-Authorized Giving), and donation of securities.

Donations can also be directed to a variety of funds to support the church operations, give aid to people in crisis at home and abroad, support religious education, and other options.

All Saints and its sister organizations such as the Primates’ World Relief and Development Fund work hard to ensure that every dollar we receive is used to help people and follow Christ’s example of loving your neighbor and glorifying the Lord.

For more information on how to financially support All Saints, please click on one of the tabs at the top of the page or contact the Envelope Secretary at , the Chair of the Stewardship Committee at or call the church office at (306) 586-4420 between the hours of 9:00 am and noon, Monday through Friday.