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After sixteen years as our priest Gary Paterson retired to Kamloops, B.C. so that he and Barbara would be closer to their daughters and their families. Their presence and leadership in this parish will be greatly missed. A farewell dinner was held in their honor on June 23 and a farewell luncheon on June 24 after the worship service. A search committee was formed to search for a new priest to replace Gary. Gary Paterson was priest until June 30. Bill Portman was Honorary Assistant. Wardens were Bob Erickson, Joyce Blake, Bill Stahl and Linda Van Sickle. Bill Van Sickle continued as Choir Director as did Margaret Hatton as Organist and Sandra Benson as Parish Coordinator.


This committee continued to meet throughout the year reviewing monthly and annual financial statements. They also studied a new computer program (Power Church) to track membership, contributions and accounting.


20 members comprised the choir in 2001. They presented approximately 35 anthems at various services plus several at the 9:00 AM services.

Worship Committee:

The Worship Committee this year had more responsibility in planning services due to Gary’s retirement. The "Blue Christmas" service was continued as were the Lenten Services with our Saviors Lutheran Church.

Altar Guild:

The Altar Guild was made up of 27 members under direction of Liane McLean. In Addition to their regular duties, they assisted in the choosing of new carpet for the Sanctuary centre aisle. Two other projects identified for consideration by Vestry were (1) Memorial Book display cabinet and (2) upgrading the sound system in the church.

Pastoral Care Committee:

A Pastoral Care Visiting Team was formed in June to provide visits to those in hospital or who were ill at home. Eucharistic services were conducted at Parkside Extendicare twice a month. Also communion was provided to those in hospital and to those ill at home. The taxi service continued.

Catering Committee:

This committee continued to be busy throughout the year. The functions they catered to resulted in $6,850 being transferred to the church operating fund.

Social Justice and Refugee Fund:

During the year $4,500 was distributed to 22 agencies and projects. The "Looney Lunch" organized by the Paragg family raised $300 for the Refugee Fund. An additional $200 was raised for the Refugee Fund at a Pub Nite held in February.

Church School:

Approximately 40 children were registered and raised $76 to purchase food for the Food Bank.

Ladies Auxiliary:

The annual bazaar, and bridge tournament were held along with a fashion show earning over $7,000. Donations were made to various organizations as well as funding numerous items in the parish.

Buildings and Grounds:

During the year several projects were completed. New carpet was installed in the church and altar area, additional lighting added to the parking lot and Sacristy windows were repaired, painted and cladded.

Search Committee:

This committee continued its work to find a suitable candidate to fill the vacancy created when Gary Paterson retired. The original search proved unsuccessful when the final candidate withdrew in October, resulting in restarting the search in November.

Adult Education:

A seven week study group titled "The Invention of Christianity" was held in the spring with 30 to 40 people attending. Another study group on science and religion was held in the fall.


2001 ended with a surplus of $8,727 in the operating fund. Total income for the year was $187,505. 200 families contributed by pledging.