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All Saints Anglican Church, Regina, SK

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Diocese of Qu'Appelle



James Buenting remained as the priest of All Saints with Bill Portman as the Honorary Assistant. Allan Higgs also became an Honorary Assistant. The wardens were Bruce McCuskee and Susan Smith. Bill Van Sickle and Margaret Hatton were the Choir Director and Organist respectively. Sandra Benson was Parish Coordinator.


This committee met during the year to review the budget, investments, rentals and yearly finances.


19 choir members presented about 35 anthems at various services, and in September joined Wesley United Church to sing at a special service for world peace, as well as singing during the Christmas season at Chapters bookstore.

Altar Guild:

The Altar Guild continued their silent ministry under the guidance of Liane McLean with 24 active members.

Worship Committee:

The Worship Committee met to plan worship and enhance our services. They recommended the continuation of single services on special occasions. The "Blue Christmas" service and the Lenten services with our Saviors Lutheran Church continued.

Pastoral Care:

The committee was reactivated in 2004 and held their "Blue Christmas" service. Two members visited Anglicans every week at the General Hospital.

Catering Committee:

This hardworking committee looked after 13 difference groups under the leadership of Margaret Hatton and Eve Dunn. They transferred a total of $6,450 to All Saints operating fund.

Social Justice and Refugee Fund:

Due to some difficulties the committee disbanded in the spring of 2004, but was renewed in the fall to disburse some $4,000 in funds to a variety of organizations. The Paraggs continued to manage the "Loonie Lunch" as part of the refugee fundraising at All Saints.

Ladies Auxiliary;

This group met every Wednesday as the Activity Group to prepare for their November bazaar, they held a Bridge Tournament in January, continued their monthly bingos at Qu’Appelle House and enjoyed much fellowship. They donated over $13,000 to the church to help with painting the hall and stairwells, repairing the water shed, and landscaping of grounds.

Buildings and Grounds:

A new illuminated sign was purchased through the generosity of the Sheasby family in memory of their parents. The office and lower hallway were painted and new furniture purchased for the secretary’s office while the priest’s office was refurbished. Old furnaces were replaced with energy efficient ones.

Servers’ Guild:

23 young people served at various services throughout the year.

Canterbury Companions:

This group continued to organize luncheons following funerals held at All Saints.

All We’re Meant To Be:

This feminist study group continued their ministries of study and fellowship in 2004.


2004 ended with a deficit of $5,654. Total income for the year was $208,625, and by the end of the year we had received 105% of the amounts pledged.