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All Saints Anglican Church, Regina, SK

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Diocese of Qu'Appelle



Trish McCarthy began her second year as our priest, assisted by Honorary Assistants Bill Portman and Allen Higgs. Wardens were Debra Evans and Judy McCuskee. Parish Coordinator duties were in turn handled by Sandra Benson, Michael Bell and Karen Schellenberg. Choir Director was Bill Van Sickle and Organist was

Margaret Hatton. Prayer in the Park, Welcome Sunday and the Pet Blessing Sunday were continued.

Parish Coordinator:

Sandra Benson retired as Parish Coordinator in June. A retirement dinner was arranged by a number of parishioners. Sandra’s duties were taken over by Michael Bell until early December. Michael was replaced by Karen Schellenberg.


There were 22 members in the choir this year. During the year approximately 30 anthems were presented at various services.

Altar Guild:

As always, this group did an excellent job of preparing the church for worship.

Worship Committee:

This committee planned services throughout the year. The annual Lenten services held jointly with our Saviors Lutheran church were again held.

Pastoral Care:

Prayer shawls were given to ten individuals this year. The "Blue Christmas" service was again held in December.

Canterbury Companions:

This dedicated group provided lunches for 7 funeral services this year.

Social Justice Committee:

Funds were donated this year to 10 organizations.

Refugee Committee:

No new sponsorships were carried out this year. However, continued sponsorship is ongoing for 5 refugees.

Church School:

Registered are 19 children. Marja Hordern was Church School Coordinator until May. A replacement has not yet been hired. Special events included Food Bank Sundays, Lenten Supper, a Purple Party for Lent and numerous other events.


Trish McCarthy led the Youth Group until November when Alvin Yau was hired as Youth Coordinator. Numerous events and projects are being planned for the coming year.


19 servers assist at the morning services.

All We’re Meant To Be:

Discussions this year were centered on the book "The Meaning of Jesus: Two Visions".

Communications Committee:

Worked diligently at improving communications within the church as well as the surrounding neighborhood, the diocese and the broader Anglican community.

Social Committee:

Three events were arranged by this loosely knit group: The Stew Supper, the Welcome Back Party and the New Years Party.

Ladies Auxiliary:

Events this year were the Bridge Tournament, the tea and bazaar in the fall. This year $6,000 was transferred to All Saints Operating Fund. As well, several other donations were made to other causes.

Catering Committee:

Catering was done for 13 functions in 2008, including a wedding , the turkey supper and other meetings and workshops. $9,900 was transferred to the Church Operating Account.

Building and Grounds Committee:’

This year there were no major works carried out. Regular required maintenance was done.

Administration and Finance:

The year closed with a surplus of $2,212. Total revenue was $225,737. There were 202 families on the Parish roll.