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All Saints Anglican Church, Regina, SK

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Diocese of Qu'Appelle


All Saints History


All Saints was established in 1959 by a group of Anglicans looking for a church home in the expanding suburbs of south Regina. The new congregation gathered for their first service on May 17, 1959. By the end of the year, church activities were in full swing. Less than eight months after its foundation, the parish was rapidly outgrowing its small building.

In 1960, a prominent Regina citizen gave the fledgling parish 1.7 acres of land for a new church site on Massey Road where the congregation constructed a church hall that opened in February 1961.

In the almost 50 years since, the original church hall was augmented first by the A-frame church in the fall of 1966 and later replaced by a two-story hall completed in 1991.

Further information about the parish’s formation can be found in the 40th anniversary history: All Saints: 40 Years of Reflections, published in 1999.

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