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All Saints Anglican Church, Regina, SK

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Diocese of Qu'Appelle


About the Anglican Community

All Saints Anglican Church

We are part of the Anglican Diocese of Qu’Appelle of the Anglican Church of Canada.

All Saints is one of seven Anglican parishes in the City of Regina.   The church building is located in the southwest portion of Regina.

The Eucharist is the centre of our spiritual life and mission.   Worship services are held at 9:00 and 10:30 Am on Sundays and 7:00 PM on Wednesdays.

 Diocese of Qu’Appelle

The Diocese of Qu’Appelle covers the southern third of the civil province of Saskatchewan, and encompasses approximately half of the Saskatchewan population.  The cathedral and administration of the diocese is based in the capital city, Regina.  Established in 1884, the diocese consists of 87 congregations worshipping in 81 communities.

Our mission, as a diocese, is the same as for any Christian community:   To proclaim the faith of Christ incarnate, Christ crucified, Christ risen and Christ among us.


 The Anglican Church of Canada is an autonomous national church within the Anglican Communion consisting of over 800,000 members on parish rolls (although many more identify themselves as Anglican in the census).  The first Anglicans in Canada were 16th century Englich explorers led by Martin Frobisher and his chaplain, the Rev. Robert Wolfall.  The church did not become established here, however, until the consecration of Charles Inglis as bishop of Nova Scotia in 1787.  He had responsibility for colonists and missionary work as far west as Niagara.  The Canadian church developed and grew with the country, becoming administratively independent of the Church of England even as Canada became a self governing dominion within the Commonwealth.  The head of the Anglican Church of Canada is the Primate – the presiding bishop of the national church.   The current primate of the Anglican Church of Canada is Archbishop Fred Hiltz.


 The Anglican Communion is a worldwide family of Christian Churches with some 70 members in 164 countries.  In its country of reformation origin it is called the Church of England; in other countries, it is usually called the Anglican or Episcopal Church.  Anglicanism worldwide shares a common liturgical and theological tradition, catholic and reformed, which is expressed in local contexts in a wide variety of languages and customs.  While each national or regional church within the Communion is autonomous, the Archbishop of Canterbury is its spiritual head the chief sign of its unity.  The current archbishop of Canterbury is The Most Reverend and Right Honorable Dr. Rowan Williams.