Useful Apps and Classes Against Stress

The internet gives people access to many programs and apps to help combat stress. While subscribers have to pay for some, others are free, and with a bit of browsing, it is easy to find something that falls into your level of fitness, experience, and budget. Just look for methods to combat stress on any browser.

Alo Moves

For as little as $20 per month, subscribers to Alo Moves have thousands of online yoga classes, guided meditation, skills classes, and fitness routines. A simple thing like learning to do a handstand can give people a sense of achievement, which is good for stress release. The deep breathing exercises with yoga are excellent for finding calmness and stretching is essential for flexibility.


Colorfy is a form of painting book that can help people calm down. Boredom and the inability to do more than watching TV or reading can make seniors feel anxious. Colorfy gives an alternative to exercise and meditation to calm the senses.

Feng Shui

The ancient system of laws, Feng Shui, uses colors and energy to create peaceful spaces. A home filled with clutter can leave a person feeling anxious and stressed. Throwing out old clothing and items that are not in use anymore and using colors to create a mood for each space, can ease feelings of anxiety.


Nothing beats music to feel good and listening to relaxing melodies can even help to calm our furry friends. Soothing sounds can be very effective to help people relax but also to feel more alert and cheerful. As with exercise, the brain releases dopamine when we listen to music.

Don’t allow stress to give you less of life by using the tools from Regina. Throw open those curtains in the first 5 seconds of the morning and dance to the music. It is, after all, a beautiful life, and we get one opportunity to live it.