The Meaning of Mindfulness

The concept of being mindful is to understand one’s feelings in a nurturing way. To explain it, we use one of the examples by Eckhart Tolle on road-rage. If somebody aggravates you while driving, it is possible to act in two ways.

Either you can get outraged and maybe shout some obscenities to the other driver, or you can acknowledge your anger, stay calm, and deal with the situation responsibly.

A mindful person will still get angry but might even have a laugh at themselves for losing control momentarily. So, while an “unconscious” person (so named by Mr. Tolle for their ignorance to being mindful) will be angry with the other driver, a “conscious” person will have compassion for the person and think about how the perpetrator might be having a bad day, or a small lap in judgement.

In a sense, hate causes stress, as the only person affected by hate is the hater. Putting too much pressure on yourself to achieve or make a lot of money or be perfect according to other people’s standards is another stressor. When you are mindful and understand your shortcomings, it is easier to deal with setbacks like losing a job or when a relationship does not work out.

People don’t always understand the power of meditation. Meditation not only calms the mind, but things like psychic sleep have significant physical and emotional benefits. Yoga teachers like Sri Dharma Mittra have powerful methods to assist listeners online in using psychic sleep for healing. Deep breathing has also proved to be beneficial for combatting illness.

Mindfulness and yoga go hand in hand and are practiced together for a strong body and calm mind. The beauty of yoga is that everybody can do it with easy classes for beginners and challenging poses for advanced Yogis.

Stress can lead to irritability and anger, and anger can lead to health-threatening ailments and heart attacks. There are ways to avoid getting angry, like counting to ten, starting sentences with “I,” taking a time-out from the situation, and using humor to diffuse a situation. In whatever way people deal with it, it is better to be mindful and avoid being angry altogether.

Everybody can be more mindful by incorporating good habits. Unfortunately, it usually takes a health scare for individuals to eat better, exercise more, and become more conscious. But you can start today by incorporating better, healthier habits.