Influencers to Follow for Self-Development

Everybody suffers from stress at some point in their lives. It can immobilize you to the point where you are ill and unhappy, and for some people, it gets so bad that they do not want to live anymore. Then you get the people who are willing to share their struggles to help others know how to deal with these types of situations.

Following these influencers can help people understand that they are not suffering alone.

Mel Robins

When Mel Robins went through a bad patch in her life, she got to a point where she did not want to get out of bed in the morning. She pulled through and started sharing what she did to cope on programs and social media. And so, the five-second rule was born, where she explained how not to think about it and just get up and start your day without using the “snooze” button.

Eckhart Tolle

When, at first, you hear Eckhart Tolle’s voice, it is hard to believe what a positive effect he has on people’s lives. In his book “The Power of Now” he explains how pointless it is to stress about things out of your control. It also shows why we try to live by the expectations of others and sometimes set our goals too high.

Russel Brand

As a celebrity, Russel Brand has a significant influence on many people. He has introduced 10-minute meditations that he calls “Above the noise.” His talks are often about dealing with everyday stressors. During the Covid 19 pandemic, he gave online assistance to many people by showing that he also had to deal with isolation. His demeanor has a calming effect, and his down-to-earth attitude and humor win him loads of followers.

Mel Offner

While we all know how important it is to keep active, it sometimes helps to have a nudge in the right direction, especially if it comes from somebody who can juggle life as a new mom, TV podcast host, and runner. Mel Offner is a Canadian wellness influencer and offers excellent videos on social media for keeping fit and dealing with the stressors of life.

Angela Liddon

The blog is full of inspiring tips and great recipes from the vegetarian Canadian Angela Liddon. And the reason people follow her is that she was able to break away from an unfulfilling job and found balance in her life through blogging. She is working on her third cookbook and was already named businesswoman of the year.

Following influencers will not make problems disappear but can help people cope with difficulties.