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What to expect from newsletters

We cover various topics in our newsletters. From handling daily tricky situations, the type of stressors everybody must live with, how to overcome adversity, and how to calm your mind.

Explaining daily stressors

We must all live with some stressors, including losing loved ones, making changes professionally, illness, losing jobs, and starting new chapters in life, like university.

Types of stress

There are four types of stress that we can categorize as psychosocial stress, psychospiritual stress, physical stress, and psychological stress. These types of stress affect people differently, and each requires unique methods to lower the adverse effects it has on our bodies.

Reasons stress leads to illness

Stress can eventually cause the immune system to break down when not handled properly, leading to life-threatening illnesses. We will explain why this happens, what to do to prevent it, and the consequence of ignoring warning signs.

Coping strategies

Some coping strategies can be as simple as not seeing every setback as a failure, asking for assistance, and looking at the situation as if it is happening to somebody else. Others will teach you how to meditate or explain alternative healing methods, like Sandawas. Some might sound strange at first, but once you’ve blocked stress from your body, you will reap the benefits.

Not dealing with stress

By subscribing, you can learn what happens to your body if you do not lower your stress levels. In addition, we will discuss the illnesses associated with stress and how some people believe in the healing power of meditation.

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